MoneyyPath sounds captivating, isn’t it? Well of course it is, A Simple mobile application that can help you manage your Health and as well as reward you for your mere steps. You will be rewarded with gracious points; those can either be used exactly for shopping as mentioned on current active page, for easy mobile recharge through free charge or can be converted into real money. Its first time in the cusp where in people can say it’s all about foot to app. So make sure you walk because now even your meaningless step has money rewards extended to it.

About Us

MoneyyPath is no kind of a complex contract or high entangled rigid forum, it’s a vocational buzz, a decisive relationship where it’s about your steps; your rewards and our forum (app).

It gives your former steps an almighty banknote reality. It is an idea promoting walk, antipollution, health, fitness and cure to your parts and parcels.

After all, HEALTH AND WEALTH goes hand in hand , Oops or if we say FOOT BY FOOT. Walk as someone is now keeping an eye on your steps.

Real Virtual Fundas

To gel up with and an easy to go, App. Your App account is no less than your bank account. This Walk And Earn theory has something more attached to it, that is, points remunerated to you have their count in your account which can be redeemed by your own self as per the then current point rate of the respective day of what you may think fit of its redemption. And the details of the point rate could be served on the current active page dealing with the details of the respective. So your steps follow up to your rewards and thus to your day to day benefits.


Well, in today’s world, people are often stated with facts, orders and in return with their unacceptable wishes. There are a few times where they are given the radical and rational options or fit and fine choices to make peace or be cordial with.

Well in those fewer radical options and fit choices exists ‘’MoneyyPath’’.

Today’s bitten reality introduces us to the world of I, ME and Myself and what if sometimes you get lucky and upfront face situations like ‘Us’, obviously then you would want to avail it, Right?

So, Why not begin it with MoneyyPath. So don’t stay in bed unless you can make Health and Wealth in bed. STOP WISHING, START WALKING!



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