You do have an adorable pet tarantula called 'Bruiser'. You also have the best collection of explicit DVDs known to man. You have your favourite pulling shirt that never lets you down on a night out with the lads. You have a 50" LCD TV in your bedroom.



You have a Chihuahua called 'Dinky' that you dress in pink and carry around with you in your fake Prada handbag. The handbag might not be worth much but surely your beloved Dinky means the world to you. You have a pair of killer heels that you can barely walk in, but providing you prop yourself against something whilst out with your mates..... they warrant some primeval looks from passing men.

Options Avaliable

  • Funky Will

    For those who need a legal document which is valid and enforceable if you should die

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  • Traditional Will

    For those who want the standard form of Will with no funky frills

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  • Joke Funky Will

    For those who want a fake Will for a family member or friend just for a giggle.

    (601) 571-7918

  • Ultimate Death Gift

    This option will provide you with a voucher personally addressed to the person you have bought it for

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So let's be morbid and say you "die next week"!!!


The 50" LCD TV Bruiser

Who is going to look after Bruiser? Which one of your true friends would you want to give your pulling shirt to and who gets the 50" LCD TV?

Get Your Will


The heels Dinky

Who is going to look after Dinky? And which lucky friend of yours is going to get the heels?

(623) 693-3025

You don't need money and expensive assets to need a will!!! Anything you own from from your earrings to your X-BOX is your own personal asset and if you stupidly decide to have a fight with a train one day and lose then you have the right to decide who your belongings go to.

You might have a last dying wish .... such as you want your ashes to be scattered in each of the beds at the play boy mansion (this may be a little difficult for someone to do for you though). You might want to leave a message for someone you hate in your Will. It could be your boss, the neighbour from hell or the person who shot your cat with a pellet gun. There are no do's and don'ts and its entirely up to you.

You don't need money and expensive assets to need a will!!!

You will need to appoint an Executer. The executor is the person you trust to divide up your belongings and carry out your dying wishes, so make sure you choose a trustworthy person. The person you choose must be 18 or over and must be someone you trust.